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How can I create culturally inclusive online classrooms?

9 tips and tricks to raise educational outcomes for all learners and how to create culturally responsive learning environments.

How can I connect learners with each other in tech-enabled learning?

7 tips and tricks for assisting peer-to-peer connection - a challenge for learners on farms or with few opportunities to break from work.

How can I keep learners engaged in real-time learning?

10 tips and tricks for getting learners to participate in video-conference classrooms.

How can I provide pastoral care in tech-enabled learning?

6 tips and tricks for pastoral care for food and fibre sector learners.

How can I support diverse abilities in tech-enabled learning?

12 tips and tricks for learners with diverse learning needs and how to provide them with effective TEL.

How can I support learners with English as a second language in tech-enabled learning?

7 tips and tricks to support learners with English as a second language in tech-enabled learning.

How do I support self-directed tech-enabled learning?

8 tips and tricks for self-directed learning to make sure learners stay engaged and motivated.

How can I set up my online classes for success?

10 tips and tricks for real-time learning. Many food and fibre learners are ‘hands-on’ learners, so it is important to make real-time learning as interactive as possible.

How can I personalise teaching for Māori learners?

Personalising your teaching for Māori learners is important to make sure they are comfortable and engaged in your classroom.

How can I get the most out of learners in a post-pandemic era?

7 tips and tricks around the openness to real-time online learning that has emerged since the Covid Pandemic.

How can I support learners to be more ‘present’ in a post-pandemic era?

These tips and tricks for building a sense of online community go beyond the basics of forming a discussion group, to a space where learners feel connected and engaged.

How long should an online lesson be and what is microlearning?

5 tips and tricks on the ideal duration for different components of your tech-enabled learning.